Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Champagne Lit Review: Sgarbossa in Ventricular Pacing

Sgarbossa in Ventricular Pacing

Slightly off conference topic, we had a case in the department where a patient with active chest pain had Sgarbossa criteria in the presence of ventricular pacing. Cardiology did not consider it  STEMI. There was delayed PCI, which later showed 100% LAD occlusion. I decided to pursue the literature:

Mattu seems convinced. The literature however is not very robust. Theoretically, right sided endocardial paced rhythms should have similar electrical patterns to LBBB and thus reflect the same obscuration during ischemia. The high specificities in the studies below gives confidence that we are looking at STEMI equivalents, but there aren't huge numbers (like the tens of thousands in the LBBB Gusto group) enough to change protocols or to convince lazy cardiologists to treat these as STEMIs.

Still seems like the right thing to do, with good but limited evidence in its support. I'd call these STEMI codes and let the cardiologists decide. Especially if the patient looks sick and vomits on your pants.

94%/88%/82% specificity for the three criteria

Sgarbossa Sensitivity in V-Paced: validation study of Sgarbossa GUSTO Ventricular paced date (n=57)
high SPECIFICITY for concordant depression V1-3 and Excessive discordance

     -makes no mention of analyzing ventricular paced ECGs
     -V-Paced not included in definition of LBBB


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