Monday, October 28, 2013

Conference Follow Up: 10/23/13

As usual, here is a brief supplementary email for this week's conference:

Each week I send a post conference email I'm gonna add 2 new musicians I think you should check out (lemme know what you think of the idea):


Now to the Medicine:

Chest Tube Placement:

Video on procedure (skip to the 4 minute mark!)

Some people were asking about Clamshell Thoracotomy, here is a fantastic overview with graphic images from the atlas.

Troponin (nice grand rounds Joe):

Here is a great overview and simplification of the very complicated discussion regarding HIGH SENSITIVITY TROPONIN, from Academic Life in EM.

Inline image 3

Some of the most interesting bullet points from this review were these:
  • High sensitivity Tn requires only 2 to 3 hours between time of initial lab and repeat Tn to see a conclusive increase to rule in AMI [1]
  • A normal hsTn at 3 hours has a NPV of 99% in excluding AMI [2] 
Here are the references for those bullets:
  1.  V.S. Mahajan, and P. Jarolim, "How to interpret elevated cardiac troponin levels.", Circulation, 2011.
  2.  A.S.V. Shah, D.E. Newby, and N.L. Mills, "High sensitivity cardiac troponin in patients with chest pain.", BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 2013.

The Overtesting/Overscreening Phenomenon (as discussed by Dr. Jahnes):

Here is a link to the pubmed search results for ALL of Dr. V Prasad's papers. (Dr. Jahnes' new hero)

This one was my favorite, it was a literature review on contradictory data regarding medical therapies. 

This is a BMJ article on the evidence for over diagnosis of PE:
Inline image 2

Submassive Pulmonary Embolism Journal Club

Here is a great summary of the management of submassive PE

Perhaps this discussion will clarify some of the words that were incapable of leaving my mouth this morning (hah), it is a podcast summarizing the submassive PE thrombolysis trials. Keep in mind the bias as the two physicians talking are prominent authors and Stavros is the MAPPET lead investigator. (grain of salt required).

Inline image 1

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