Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WINNERS: Ultrasound Competition MARCH 2013

Thanks to all who submitted.  The winner is:

MAYA LIN    -->  Maya's images below

Submission: DVT/PE  with Right Ventricular strain and classic D sign. This is a sign of Acute PE. You must however in the acute setting have some evidence differentiating RV strain of a chronic etiology to the acute etiology (PE or other mechanical RV outflow tract obstruction).

D Sign: This is a sign in which the LV appears like the letter D due to paradoxical leftward movement of the interventricular septum during LV relaxation.

Taken from an excellent article on Ultrasound of the Right Ventricle in Critical Illness

There are other ways to assess for acute PE in the setting of cardio-respiratory arrest including the McConnell sign , or apical RV contraction with a kinesis of RV free wall, plump IVC with no respiratory variation, RV/LV size ratio >1:1.

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