Monday, April 15, 2013

Stroke/TIA Mimics .... US Better Than Cardiologists

Two great articles from ACEP news. Well worth the read, especially in this day and age where we all fear the infamous "Stroke Code," a great discussion on mimickers of Stroke/TIA - most commonly being Complicated Migraine and Partial Seizure. I assure you after the article you will be more confident differentiating the bogus neuro symptoms and complaints we see ALL THE TIME, versus serious stuff we need to work up.

Stroke Mimic Article 

The next article is a summary of a cool study showing the uselessness of cardiologists -- haha just kidding. But seriously, a simple and quick bedside US Echo outperformed the cardiologists physical exam:  "Ultrasound had a far higher correct-diagnosis rate than did cardiologists’ physical exam for nearly all of the heart conditions the cardiologists encountered."

Check out the report here:

US vs Cardiologist Physical Exam Article

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