Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Real Clinical Cases PART 2

This case is thanks to Dr. Thompson:

Middle aged healthy female c/o severe redness and swelling to nasal bridge and opening of nares with redness. No fever, discharge, sinus pain, eye sx.

PE:  Erythematous, inflammed appearance to tip of nose with bridge edema. Exquisitely tender nares and nasal bridge. No discharge, clear nares and turbinates. Actual photo below. 

Case Conclusion:

After telephone consultation with ENT on call. Patient diagnosed with Nasal Vestibulitis or Nasal Furunculosis.

This is an acute superficial infection of the nasal vestibule, skin, or hair follicle. Usually secondary to excessive nose picking, blowing, or manipulation. Staph Aureus.

Tx:  Abx for Staph.  Amox/Keflex/Bactrim/Clinda   
   Also warm compressess and analgesics. 

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