Friday, January 18, 2013

EM Ultrasound Competition

Welcome to the new New York Methodist Emergency Medicine


The Competition:

Each month residents & faculty will have the opportunity to submit any ultrasound still or clips they have acquired during that month that they believe are interesting, unique, classic, or just cool to be voted on.
The clinical ultrasound department will review and vote on the BEST and the RUNNER-UP. Prizes to be determined.

To all that are interested. All you have to do is save and store your images on the Zonare machines.

  • Write the MR# of the patient and the type of scan you have done with date included and email them to:
  • Use the subject heading: Ultrasound Competition  
  • In the body of the email describe the case briefly (one paragraph): Presentation, workup, results, and outcome if known.

Winning images and/or clips (BEST and RUNNER-UP) will be posted with the name of the scanner(s) on Jordan’s blog:

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