Saturday, January 4, 2014

A new syncope rule? The Anatolian Syncope Rule (Turkey)

Check out this Turkish paper which has developed a syncope rule VERY sensitive for adverse events. Makes me rethink butting heads with medicine when they ask for orthostatics (as this syncope rule finds orthostasis highly correlating with adverse events). It is yet to be validated by anyone outside of Turkey.

Of important note the rule is, as they state: 
The newly proposed ASR performed with higher sensitivity but lower specificity when predicting mortality

Read the paper here.

Below are the 6 parameters with high predictive value for adverse events:
Inline image 1

Im not sure how to interpret the "precipitating cause" (maybe someone -Melville or Amisha?), from their results section they state:

 Precipitating factors were drugs, diabetes and neurologic disorders in patients with orthostatic syncope (40% of the known precipitating group). Fever, dehydratation, fasting and long standing were the precipitating factors in vasovagal syncope (45% of the known precipitating group). The other 15% were due to arrhythmia and cardiogenic causes.