Monday, February 4, 2013

Cure Vertigo in the ED

All via EMU : Emergency Medicine Update (the literature review monthly)

"Vertigo is more interesting, no? I have noticed that just doing one
Epley in the ED is very – unsuccessful- what am I doing wrong? Is it
the ipecac I use to pretreat this entity? This article points out that in
Spain, one Semont maneuver worked in 81% of the patients who had            
posterior semicircular vertigo- and I am not going into how you tell
which canal is affected. Continued maneuvers resulted in a 98% cure
rate. ( J Laryngol Otol 126(4)363) In case you would like to see how
this is done- see the youtube link below:  TAKE HOME MESSAGE:
Semont may be successful as a one time treatment for some vertigo.
Here is a youtube link for eply maneuver: and Semont  "

Something strikes me however that the majority of our patients wont be compliant, flexible, nor intelligent enough to execute this successfully.

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