Monday, August 27, 2012

Does Sux Increase ICP?

Fantastic literature review. 


Everything we give has "theoretical" risks. A commonly cited one, particularly in the realm of head trauma but also relevant to other acute neurological insults like SAH that raise ICP dramatically, is Succinylcholine elevating ICP. Many have debated the topic. The above review article is a fantastic summary of the most well respected and frequently cited source articles within the literature. Interpret on your own if you'd like, but these experts have concluded:

1) The authors could find no definitive evidence that SCH caused a rise in ICP in patients with brain injuries.

2) There is level 2 evidence that SCH caused an increase in ICP for patients undergoing neurosurgery for brain tumours with elective anesthesia.

Some of these article also identify ICP elevation from the intubating procedure itself and therefore traumatic or acute ICH patients who are intubated may experience increases from this. 

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